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The fight for happiness is something that we are all doing every day. There are a lot of ups and downs in life that shift our moods; this is where Default Happiness comes into play. There are three steps to creating your happiness as a default. 

  1. Be aware of things to be happy about

Make a conscious choice to search for things in your day that have made you happy. Gratitude is very healing so make an effort to express it. 

2. Help the good feelings to stay

There are things all through our day that make us smile. These good feelings aren’t permanent but try your best to keep that good feeling on your brain.

3. Be the creator of personal happiness

Your brain is full of good experiences, bring these to the stage of your minds. When you are in the middle of a miserable workout and you are frustrated, just remember all the good in

life and believe that you can get through it with a smile.

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I have been playing basketball for as long as I can remember. When I was a baby I wouldn’t go to bed unless I had my basketballs in my bed. The sport of basketball has been my life and I have faced so many ups and downs on my path. When these hard times would come I would make little mottos and set goals for myself that I would say when I woke up, write on my mirror, and say in my prayers. Before practice I would say them and my senior year of high school I would customize my shoes with personal messages on them. A positive and determined mindset became an amazing part of my life.

In Mo Gawdat’s book “Solve For Happiness” he says, “Every single time your brain is tempted with a thought it will take the bait. It can’t help itself! We can put this to very good use.” So I want to share something that helped me with others. To make meaningful custom shoes and positive messages on their clothing to cultivate a healthy, happy, and determined mindset on peoples road to accomplishing their dreams. Thank you for your support :)

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